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Auroville – Outline of a World

1968. A handful of pioneers, disappointed by the society, began the construction of Auroville, a utopian city. This documentary takes a peek into the life of Aurovillians who rejected established systems to start afresh in Auroville, and are trying every day to realize the ideals of the Mother.

“We don’t want power or money. We just want to build this place”.

A platform for experiments, passion and creativity, the city faces some difficult paradoxes. And yet, “the ‘spirit of Auroville’ still has a chance,” say the Aurovillians.

This Film participated in the Auroville Film Festival 2011 and won the award for Best Short Documentary in the category “Films made about Auroville / Bioregion”

Auroville - Outline of a World, 4.8 out of 6 based on 5 ratings

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