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Dreamcatchers Crownways Proposal

Created by: Doris and Francis

Back in 2007 dreamcatchers made an attempt to express the possibilities and benefits of Auroville embracing a collective process. This ‘Crownways’ proposal suggested the development of a denser, more pedestrian-friendly, urban environment through an exploration of the subtle qualities of the Galaxy model. Although at the time this approach was officially rejected, since the topic of Crownways has re-emerged regularly over the last few weeks through the dialogues between Luigi and B, many people who never had the chance to see it have been asking for us to present it again. Whilst thinking about the best way to do this, and whilst wanting to find a way to archive it for posterity, it was felt that a film up-loaded onto AurovilleRadioTV would achieve this, whilst also enabling anyone to watch it at a time of their choosing. Doris and Francis then graciously offered their energy and expertise and the result of their efforts is now available for your collective perusal…

The Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers Crownways Proposal, 6.0 out of 6 based on 2 ratings


  1. Roy

    Excellent video and much appreciated. I hope many will have a chance to see this, especially members of the I.A.C. and G.B. The Buffering thing is a bit weird.

    Roy (Aurodam)

  2. Thanks for your comment, Roy. Yes, the buffering is not supposed to be like this, the video was wrongly encoded. We’re working on this and other improvements, stay tuned…

  3. Andrea

    Hi Roy, we’ll reduce in size and re-uplaod the file.
    The merit of the video goes to David, Doris, Francis, Vimal and Mita who got the idea….

  4. renu

    very creative and exciting work. thank you for doing it and making it available on line… as I had missed the presentation in 07!

  5. andrea

    Thanks Renu!

  6. Naradi

    I’ve really enjoyed learning about this proposed project. It has a lot of good and exciting elements – and I really like the sensitive, ecologically sustainable approach that is attempting to make this an exciting urban project. I particularly like the collective waste water system proposal – and the greening of the lines of force which will integrate them into the landscape… the ideas for making walking around a fun and interesting experience – alternative transport and routes that are not all along the Crown road, taking into consideration pockets of established trees and landscapes as well as existing communites and buildings along the vicinites . Well done – and thanks for making the video. I’ve posted to FB – hope thats ok as there are hundreds of Aurovilians using it and more will see it there than probably here!

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