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Mutation in Progress

This video made by Christoph is part of a collaborative art project in Auroville dealing with the topic of mutation.

« Mutation in Progress » installation

Is actual world chaos a necessary step to a new humanity?

As for the imaginative cells that will induce the butterfly to appear in the cocoon, the state of the caterpillar as primordial pulp is compulsory.

An analogy to describe change is that of a larva becoming an insect. As the caterpillar approaches the time of metamorphosis, certain cells within the caterpillar’s body begin to develop – biologists call these imaginal cells. These cells begin the process of building the various parts of the new organisms of the butterfly. The new parts expand and emerge, and the tissue in between disintegrates, and in a very smooth and non-disruptive way, the caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

The metamorphosis process of the caterpillar into a butterfly has a very interesting stage. In its chrysalis stage the ‘imaginary cells’ of the butterfly template are already present. But the chrysalis, thinking that the imaginary cells are foreign tries to destroy the cells. However, because these cells are what the chrysalis must become, the process is not sabotaged. The power within those imaginary cells once created become ‘blue print cells’ (consensual reality) of another way to live life.

»Mutation in Progress« was an artistic collaboration between 5 Auroville artists: Marie-Claire Barsotti (Sculptures), Chloé Sanchez (Sound Design), Christoph Pohl (Video Installation), Ana Rute Costa (Dance) and Denis Ben Sussan (Photography). The installation including all four art works plus live dance performances was on view at Gallery Square Circle during the 2nd Auroville Film Festival in September/October 2011.

This video was awarded as BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM at the 2nd Auroville Film Festival 2011 aurovillefilmfestival.org
This video was nominated at the 14th backup festival 2012 backup-festival.de/en/

link: brainfever media productions



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