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Transformation #5 – Pierre Legrand

Created by: brainfever media productions

Pierre Legrand presents his work exhibited in the Transformation art exhibition of the Auroville Festival at India International Center, Delhi, September 14 – 21, 2012.

“The frontier for a change of consciousness, according to the Mother, lies at the cellular level. By a combined use of writing mantras in a special, evolving script of my invention and by exploring different supports and materials, I aim at reaching convincing    translations    of experiences occurring at this level, through porosity, lightness and colour.”

Born in Paris, engineer by profession. Artistic journey began after meeting the Mother in 1968. It led to the invention of a script from which all work evolved. Exhibited extensively from 1989 to 2001. Solos include: Weisse Gallery, Cologne, Arp Foundation, Paris, Alliance Francaise, Bangalore & Pondicherry, Resonance, UNESCO, Paris &Light Matter, Auroville. Collective exhibitions include: Dimensions of the Infinite, Pierre Brule Gallery, Paris, (with Mark Tobey etc) Schwarz, Weisse Gallery, Cologne, (with Richard Serra etc), Anne Fugier Gallery & Caroline Corre Gallery, Paris. Since 2001, concentrated on private installations and participated in the Harmony International Artist Residency, Mumbai

On Exhibit
Music of the Spheres
1.83m, 1.22m, & 0.91m dia
Stainless steel
Indoor 2 Spheres, Outdoor: 1 Sphere

Vertical Time
2.40 x 0.30 X 0.30m
Acrylic on wood

link:  www.anumajumdar.com/light-matter.html

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